Samsung unveils Galaxy F to a limited audience at CES 2019


CES 2019 is taking place in Las Vegas right now, and companies are unveiling its upcoming technologies at this event. Even if there are not may smartphones unveil at this event, we’ve got an exception over here. According to Korean media, Samsung has showcased its foldable smartphone to its exclusive customers behind the doors, in the event. The handset is still to make a global launch, but it seems that Samsung is close to the official launch of the product.

Samsung unveils Galaxy F to a limited audience at CES 2019

According to the executives of the company, the Samsung Galaxy F still has some structural issues. The executives say that the device looks completely flat when unfolded. The moment you try to fold the smartphone, the smartphone breaks. Interestingly, the smartphone that Samsung demoed on the stage was a pre-production unit. To prevent the smartphone from breakage in a single-hand mode, the prototype was leaving crease mark when in a single-hand mode.

The final production units of the Galaxy F won’t have these issues. Samsung will bring the handset in the market in H1 of 2019 with limited availability. The company plans to produce 1 million units only.

Owing to the problems of implementing a new flexible display and battery technology on the Galaxy F, the company may price the handset at around KRW1.5 million, which is about $1,350.