GadgetShieldz has the best Skins available for Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS

GadgetShieldz has to offer precision-cut screen protectors and Skins for Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS.


The Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the iPhone Xs are the marvels of modern technology. The industry-leading smartphones from Samsung and Apple look elegant, but both of these smartphones are also a fingerprint magnet. Most of the Flagship smartphones that exist pass through rigorous engineering standards to ensure its flagship title. So, it is your right to protect your smartphone with screen guards and skins that match with the precision quality on your smartphone.

The particular aspect of owning a new phone is usually tedious for you. But, don’t worry, because we’ve already done some digging of our own. Moreover, we’ve tested out the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS with the best screen protectors and Skin wraps from a well-known brand in India.

GadgetShieldz Black Matrix Skins

If you’re in India, you don’t need to import the expensive Skins from dbrand. GadgetShieldz has to offer precision-cut screen protectors and Skins for Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS. The screen protectors are made available on their official website. Each and every wrap that the company develops goes through various iterations to provide you with the most precise fit on your flagship.

We’ve tried the GadgetShieldz skins on our flagship smartphones, and there is something more to it. It seems like the company understands the meaning of Visualizing a smartphone specifically according to your own needs. Visualizing exactly how you want to customize your smartphone skin is important. We’ve done our homework, but you must take your time mixing and matching dozens of materials on to create your own one-of-a-kind smartphone skin combo.

The premium, true-textured materials with unrivaled precision will surely delight your taste for a smartphone. At our work, we’ve tried the Black Matrix Skins from the company, and we are simply impressed. The handset looks 100% unique to you. Moreover, the company makes use of the best 3M vinyl materials – the same stuff used to wrap sports cars. With the premium texture skins from GadgetSheildz, our Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS now feels great and feel even better.

GadgetShieldz Full-Body Screen Protectors

Anyway’s, this is not the only field of perfection from the company. We’ve also tried some screen protectors from GadgetSheildz to wrap our Galaxy Note9. With OEM-level precision and quality, it is irrefutable to say, GadgetSheildz is now at the top of our list.

GadgetShieldz offers unique Full Body Scratch protectors for just Rs 599 ($8.22). If you want Matte Full Body Scratch protector, it will set you back at Rs 799($11.13) only. With that said, the offerings come in two variants that include the Ultra-Clear and Matte Protectors. You can customize the whole package according to your own will.

At our studio, we decided to try the Ultra-Clear screen protector from GadgetShieldz and Oh Boy! I admire the way the Ultra Clear Protector feels in hand. The oleophobic coating on the prevents fingerprints and smudges on the handset. And, the protectors make use of a unique self-healing technology besides giving an incredibly sold grip in hand.

While there are a lot many offerings for the Scratch protects in markets, the ones from GadgetShieldz match the precision of the flagship device. These Full Body Scratch protectors are remarkably high quality at 0.2mm thickness, and it won’t disappoint you either. The application of these screen protectors is not burdensome, and they remain virtually invisible after application on the screen. Importantly, the film will not leave any residue on the device when removed.

Anyways, at INR599 ($8.22) the GadgetShieldz offers excellent value for money. You can purchase the Skins and Screen protectors from GadgetSheildz right now from the link given below.




GadgetShieldz has to offer precision-cut screen protectors and Skins for Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS. At sub-price of RS500, these are one of the most elegant accessories available in the market to protect your smartphone.