Apple is already a Trillion dollars company. But, the company wants to minimize their expenses on smartphones manufacturing by even further. Now, Apple is making some moves to switch from Taiwanese to Chinese suppliers to optimize expenses. Now, the profit margin on this small island is shooting up high. Take, the revenue of Foxconn, the primary iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max supplier – reports 30% jump in their revenue. Now, this accounts to revenue of T$585 billion, or nearly $19 billion growth in the revenue of the company.

Further, these are the second best monthly income in the history of Foxconn, brining nine-month and Q3 revenues to record highs.

Foxconn Q3 revenue hints at massive iPhone XS sales

Lastly, the USA-China conflict is the biggest trade-off for the company Foxconn. Now, Foxconn is a Chinese company that has to serve the nation, but the United States is a crucial market. So, it becomes a significant issue for Foxconn to deal with the problem. Shares closed down 6.9%, copying the 6.3% trend of falling of the broader market after issues with Wall Street. Further, this decline will not affect Apple, as the Cupertino company is expected to report revenue of around $60-62 billion.