Fortnite Will Get a New Grapple Hook in Patch v5.40


For those who are a regular Fortnite, game player’s know that ‘Epic Games’ pushes out weekly updates. The updates usually come with minor changes, limited time modes, and more. Now, on Tuesday we will see a new v5.40 update, with some new enhancements. We’ve got to know about it through an Epic game developer on Twitter, with some of the changes to come along the game.

New Grapple Hook

To be fair, the twitter post say’s nothing about the new Grapple hook. The fact we know it’s a grappling hook comes from many of the leaks and rumors. Now, adding a grappling hook to the games is in-line with the Soaring 50’s limited period mode. The tool makes it easier for the user to jump from one part of the map to another.

One thing we’re not so sure is the availability for the users. The new tool can be, infinite users exclusive or made for a single use, or maybe it’ll have ammo. The confusions will get clear once the Epic games push the update officially.

Storm Damage to Buildings

Epic in this new update will add storm damage to player built structures with the new update. The new update will add some extra dynamics for situations where players are inside structures trying to get an extra kill before running out of the storm.

Fortnite Will Get a New Grapple Hook in Patch v5.40

So, if you are already worrying about his new update, this update is currently in testing phase only. The changes might not be permanent, and Epic will make the changes after seeing the feedback from the game players.

The Revolver Is Going to the Vault

Now, Epic is making few changes here by throwing the weapon in the vault. This will make the load out a little faster. That might change the things, in a way the player fight each other in the game. The change is not something new Epic has done, as we’ve got to see the same thing happening to the guided missiles earlier.

Fortnite Will Get a New Grapple Hook in Patch v5.40

Again, going back to the vault doesn’t mean that Epic is doing it for the permanent. Epic, may roll back the changes after analyzing the feedback from the players. But, for now, the revolver is going to the vault, and you have to make do with pistols and duals.

So, the Fortnite v5.40 brings quite a lot of changes, What do you think about these changes? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.