Foldable Xiaomi phone appears on video – Looks as good as Galaxy Flex


We know that Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone is around the corner. Today, the Xiaomi’s offering is firing up the rumors mills with a new video surfacing on the internet. The president of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, demonstrates the smartphone on camera. The video gives us a closer look at Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone, and it is now airing on Weibo, and YouTube channels, as well.

The smartphone looks no different from the one that we have already seen in Twitter leaks by @evleaks. The Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone carries a different concept, overall. Rather than folding from inside or outside, it folds backward at the two ends and has two creases. The creases give us a hint that the phone in leaks is a prototype, and there is still a lot of room for improvements to be made. The handset will carry a 3:2 aspect ratio, when goes full screen.

Lin Bin demonstrates the smartphone with video playback, and later he folds back the display. The interface seems to snappy while switching over to the correct display mode. With that said, the company is working hard to implement the Android OS on foldable smartphones.

Although the screen is folded back, the entire display stays on. Well, this is something that takes away from an ideal experience of use. If it remains so in the final product, it may not be a battery efficient smartphone. Also, the power button is at the top, while holding the phone in portrait orientation.

One important takeaway from this new video is that the power button is actually on the top of the device when holding it in portrait orientation.

We are still not aware about the release of the Xiaomi foldable smartphone in the markets. Anyways, Do you like the prototype of the Xiaomi’s prototype foldable phone? Do let us know in the comments section below.