Facebook’s New Messenger redesign is starting to roll to some users


Facebook Messenger app is one of the most download apps on the Google Play store and IOS. Now, while the app is good and fully functional, a lot of features it comes with, most users don’t even use. So, Back in May, during the F8 conference, Facebook previewed us a major redesign to the Messenger. The redesign had a simplified UI experience and a new dark mode. This new version of Facebook messenger removes some of the shortcuts and features that people don’t use.

While the company said, the changes will arrive soon it took a bit over four months for us to see the first sign of it. Now, according to Android Police, a reader sent them screenshots of the update installed on his mobile. Well, according to the reader her didn’t update the application, and the update came as a server-side change.

Well, the new update has three tabs at the bottom: conversations, contacts, and an explore tab. All the non-essential features are now moved to the third tab that includes things like businesses and games shortcuts. Now, we really like the new cleaner interface as now it has new simpler shortcut icons all around.

The user doesn’t share any dark-mode screenshot, but we are excited to get our hands-on with the new dark mode once the update does begin rolling out on a wider scale.

So, are you guy’s getting this new rollout on your smartphones? Well, do let us know in the comments section below.