Facebook is terminating fake accounts on Facebook. To give you the stats, the company has terminated some 1.5 billion fake accounts from its network. Also, Facebook did away with 2.1 billion pieces of spam from the social network.

All these numbers come from the Community Standard report. It gives you a complete look that how Facebook did away with issues like adult nudity, hate speech, terrorist propaganda, violent and graphic content, and fake accounts. Representatives at Facebook says that the fake platforms on the social network are becoming a significant reason for cyber attacks.

Facebook has terminated over 1.5 billion fake accounts just this year

Facebook has really improved on its algorithms to deal with such contents. And reports say that 95.9% of the violating accounts get deleted on Facebook before anyone reporting to the company.

Note that the company is under constant scrutiny concerning the so-called fake news propaganda. It also came under fire for a recent security breach, which affected 50 million accounts.