Facebook Messenger now allows you to unsend your messages!


Social Media platforms are getting innovative with time. People love spending their free time on What’s App, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder and more. There sometimes while we send a message on these platforms, but we want to delete those messages after a thought. We’ve got a similar feature on What’s App, and now the feature is rolling out to Facebook Messenger globally.

Facebook Messenger now allows you to unsend your messages

The feature was under a testing phase by Mark Zuckerberg on the company’s Messenger platform. It allows us to delete the messages that we’ve sent accidentally on the messenger. Well, that means that you can delete the message once and for all.

Anyways, there is a catch! Once you send the message, you need to remove it within ten minutes. Just select the Remove for Everyone button in the message options. The moment you delete the message, everyone in the chat will get an alert for removal. With that said, it is applicable for the group chats, as well.