Essential Phone Ph-1 didn’t make a success in the market. Though the smartphone was convincing, people didn’t buy it. Now, due to its low sales, the company backed up its PH-2 smartphone back in May. Now, the company is cutting 30% of its staff, according to Bloomberg. Now, this will have a huge impact on all the divisions, including software, marketing, hardware, and sales. Also, the company will now shift its focus on an AI-based smartphone.

Essential is cutting 30% of its staff recently

Now, the company has in total 120 employees at the Palo Alto company. A spokesperson wrote in an email that “they are very sorry for the impact on the colleagues” and “the sharpened product focus will help deliver a truly game-changing consumer product.”

Now, all these things have no impact on the Essential PH-1 owners. The smartphone is among the first one to get the Android Pie update. And, looking at these things, the company seems to deliver its promise. Also, we believe that the next Essential product will be more than convincing for the general audience.