More emoji coming this year with the Unicode version 12.0


The year 2019 we are about to see a significant development in software experience on mobile phones. Companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple are already working on their new software. One development will be seen in the emoji’s department this year. Today, the Unicode and Emojipedia have revealed over 230 new emojis characters coming with the Unicode version 12.0.

More emoji coming this year with the Unicode version 12.0

The new emojis include different characters including hand gestures, new wheelchairs with and without people on it. Besides that, there’s a kneeling person, a yawning emoji, interracial couples, and more. Additionally, a section for people with disabilities like a prosthetic arm and a deaf person exists.

That’s not all! The emojis include various animals, as well. One can find service dogs, otter, sloth, sunk, and a flamingo. Besides that, exists snorkeling mask, swimsuit, underwear brief and more. Also, there are some new food items like a stick of butter, a juice box, and more.

All these images are looks “glossy” in Apple style. Well, this gives us a brief look of emojis on smartphones by the H2 of this year, according to Emojipedia.