DxOMark tests selfie cameras – iPhone XS Max deserves 4rth position?


DxOMark is a massive company that is known for ranking the cameras. The company has had unquestionably an immeasurable reputation in markets. But, the latest DxOMark scores are not up to our expectations. Anyways, the company is now ranking the DxOMark scores on the selfie cameras on phones.

DxOMark now testing selfie cameras

For obtaining the results, DxOMark analyzed 1,500 photos and more than 10 hours of video on 13 different smartphones. We know that the Pixel 3 is a capable smartphone to win the stage of the first rank in a selfie camera test. The company puts the handset right next to the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has similar camera setup but ranks below to our surprise. The iPhone XS Max produces selfie that is comparable to the Galaxy Note9 and doesn’t deserve the 4rth rank in my opine.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is the best video selfie taker with good color rendering, stabilization and excellent face exposure in all conditions. Well, this is what DxOMark believes, and we can not argue about this. But, ranking iPhone XS Max so low is not subjective. Anyways, we don’t know that what are the DxOMark scores truly represents.

We still believe that testing smartphones in real daily life are the best way to do. Following these standards is right now bizarre in the mobile industry.


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