Dont drop your Google Pixel 3 because Google can’t repair it right now


The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is selling like hotcakes on this holiday season. While a lot of Google Pixel 3 Duo handsets are already out the streets, people are enjoying the finish of the frosted glass back. I mean people surely don’t want to ruin their experience on the Pixel 3 duo with a screen protector. But now you must probably buy yourself a screen protector or a skin as numerous reports over the internet say that Google can’t fix their broken Pixels.

Dont drop your Google Pixel 3 because Google can't repair it right now
image courtesy – Gsmarena

We suggest you take good care of your Pixel duo and better think before breaking the back or the front of the panel of your handset. Well, Google may take weeks or months to take care of your broken handset. After speaking to the Google’s official partner uBreakiFix, it seems that the service won’t be able to help you either. The service confirms that the parts are not available, and the only spare part in stock right now is the battery on the two devices.

Also, you may have to wait for a month from now before uBreakiFix can accept phone for repairs. Well, this seems to disappoint at the point where you buy yourself a premium flagship from Google itself.

To repair your handset under warranty, Google will gladly help you with that.