DisplayMate ranks iPhone XS Max display as the best display in the market


DisplayMate is a standard for measuring the quality of displays in the smartphone industry. Whenever a new flagship arrives, DisplayMate comes out with a review claiming the quality of the smartphones. With that said, now DisplayMate has come up with Display review for the iPhone XS Max. The company claims, that the phone has, the best display ever. Interestingly, the iPhone XS Max has dethroned Note9 offering even more impressive image quality.

DisplayMate ranks iPhone displays as the best 002

The reports say that Apple’s new flagship has set new industry standards and records for the image quality. The most important ones are the absolute color accuracy, highest full-screen brightness, screen reflectivity and brightness variation with viewing angle.

The color accuracy for these new iPhones is so high that it is not visually indistinguishable from perfect. Same way the full-screen brightness is as high as 660 nits while on the home screen. The DisplayMate measured a whopping 725 nits screen brightness that ensures comfortable content consumption under direct sunlight.

Being an OLED display, it has an infinite contrast ratio with minimal brightness shift when looking it at an angle. This new OLED display on iPhone XS Max scores excellent results in all tests. So, if you are planning to buy an iPhone XS Max, we suggest heading over to the source link below.