DisplayMate rewards the Dynamic AMOLED panel on Galaxy S10 as A+ Grade


The Samsung Galaxy S10 carries marvelous features which give a robust competition to the iPhones. The exciting part of the S10 is its infinity-O panel overlayed with selfie-cameras. Today, DisplayMate concludes an in-depth analysis of the display on the S10 and rewards it with a record-setting A+ grade. With that said, it is the highest rating that DisplayMate has ever rewarded to a smartphone.

According to DisplayMate, the Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED display carries unparalleled color accuracy that is almost perfect. The panel has got Very High Image Contrast Accuracy and Intensity Scale Accuracy that is Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect. Even more, the brightness on the phone records at 1,215 nits. Well, that is 17% brighter than the S9 at its Acme. Apart from the positive, there are minute shifts in color along with white shifting at certain angles.

Other than that, the display has got excellent viewing angles with improvements in the blue light spectrum. The Dynamic AMOLED panel consumes less power and is rich in the HDR+ performance as well. The HDR10+ certification on the panel is also pleasing to the eyes while watching the HDR content. With that said, it produces deeper colors and a bit more contrast than the conventional HDR10.

Anyways, you can check out the detailed review of the Display from this link from the DisplayMate.