Caviar shows iPhone 11 in meteorites – starts taking the pre-orders worldwide

HEY! Where are the Specifications of the iPhone 11?


Gone are the days when we used to see the innovation in smartphones in the launch events from the big boys in the smartphones industry. Apart from the leaks which create a hype among the consumers, nowadays we get to see the entire device itself. Do you remember the Pixel 3 exposures in the past year? Well, the iPhones and Samsungs are on the same paths.

Caviar on its official website

To arrive at the point, today, Caviar on its official website announced the customized versions of the upcoming iPhone 11. The company says that the renders are the iPhone 11 concepts from Caviar. However, we highly doubt the statement as the renders from Caviar seems to a real deal. The company says that their version of the iPhones will be both fire, water and frost resistant.

Precious materials.

The iPhone 11 space collection from Caviar includes precious materials, dazzling diamonds, and majestic rubies. Whatsmore, one of the models shows an actual Solar System including genuine meteorites; like the real pieces of the Moon. The variant namely “Universe” has an actual moving tourbillon on the back which is far most my favorite one.


Apart from these, there includes SINGULARITY, APOLLO 11, and SOYUZ is among the other available iterations. Besides, each model has some relation to Space, Earth, and the Universe itself.

So you need to be a lucky one.

The whole ensemble with a Universe diamond will set back at an astounding $49,990. Most importantly, it will be the most expensive phone in the entire universe. Besides, only one such smartphone will be available, so you need to be a lucky one.

Caviar shows iPhone 11 in meteorites - starts taking the pre-orders worldwide

The Cheaper Alternatives?

Anyways, there are always some cheaper alternatives which by no means are cheap. With that said, you can always pre-order some of the cheaper variants, starting from just $4,400. For instance, the iPhone 11 Explorer has got titanium back with carved stone. The phone looks pleasing and replicates a satellite.

courtesy: Caviar

Let’s say you can also order the Soyuz-MS-01 for $5 590 which replicates from the parts of an actual spaceship. Apart from that is the APOLLO 11 for $4 800. Intended to become astronauts’ phones, these come out of Kevlar layer to create body armor. Note that the regular Universe variant is also available which will set back at $7 710. Rest, the “SINGULARITY” costs at $6 050, which also looks pleasing.

HEY! Where are the Specifications?

Caviar shows iPhone 11 in meteorites - starts taking the pre-orders worldwide
courtesy: Caviar

Wow! So the pricing of the freshest Caviar iPhones is insane. But hey! What about the specifications? Well, the company is wise enough to hide the details on the specifications on the iPhone 11. All we can confirm is the naming and the 64GB base storage on these iPhones. Noteworthy is also the triple arrangement on the back. Doesn’t it look amazing? Share your opinions in the comments section below.