Case for Nokia 9 appears on Amazon with seven holes


Today, UniqueMe shared publically a Nokia 9 case on Amazon UK. While this is not the first case that we’ve got to see online, but its the first Nokia 9 case that is available for retail in the Online market. The array of holes are in line with the ones we’ve seen in the CAD drawings of the handset. The leak also confirms to us the seven circular holes on the back that includes one for the LED flash, and one for PDAF laser. Well, that means that there will be five holes for the real camera sensors on the rear.

Case for Nokia 9 appears on Amazon

The missing hole for the fingerprint reader on the rear is a big question. Reports say, the Nokia 9 will have an in-display reader, so that makes sense.

The bottom part of the leaked image show’s us a cutting for USB-C port in the middle. The holes on either side of the Type-C port are not visible. The renders we’ve seen previously didn’t show a 3.5mm headphone jack, so don’t get your hopes up.

Interestingly, the case will be in-stock starting on December 1. Well, this doesn’t mean that the handset will go official by then. This item doesn’t appear on the case maker’s official site, which suggests this posting was a mistake.