Best Buy ranking data reveals a uniform decline in iPhone XS & XS Max sales


Apple iPhone sales are declining rapidly. The holiday season is not proving itself to be fruitful for the iPhone sales. It seems that the hike in the price of 2018 iPhones may be the reason for them to be not so successful among the masses.

Apple is offering steep discounts on the 2018 iPhones. But, you need to exchange your old iPhone 7 Plus to get a $300 discount on the current iteration of the iPhones. Well, this is not the best deal that you may get. It seems that Apple is screwing up the things for itself. The new iPhones cost as much as $1300 for the base variant of iPhone XS in markets like India. It’s a shame to see Apple overpricing the iPhones in the countries from where they can actually pull-up significant sales for the iPhones.

Anyways, the latest report from Thinknum shows the complete analysis of the iPhone XS and XS Max with Best Buy ranking information. The product’s ranking among the other items at Best Buy shows a steep decline in the iPhone sales. These charts show the change in ranking from the time the phones launched up until December 10.

Best Buy ranking data reveals a uniform decline in iPhone XS & XS Max sales

The results show that the iPhone XS has more fluctuations than ever in keeping up with the sales. On the flip side, the iPhone XS Max was a better selling smartphone with even sales.

The iPhone XS Max started at around #10k and shifted up to about #5k before peaking at $3.45k on around on October 4. Ever since there is a continuous decline in sales. Even the sales are declining continuously in December. The rankings show an average between all three storage tiers of the iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XS average ranking numbers show off even lower numbers, somewhere between #16k and #17k. Like the XS Max. The iPhone XS showed the peak sales around the month of October 4 at #7.61k with the item fluctuating downwards to the all-time low of #18.5k on December 10.

We don’t feel aghast after looking at these sales. The fact that the entry-level 64GB options are the best selling 2018 iPhones is an obvious one. The iPhone XS Max had a negligible gap between the 64GB and 256 tiers. The 512GB models didn’t show a much public love.

Well, Apple must plan its strategies once again to ramp up the sales of the iPhone. Anyhow, the iPhone 2018 line up is a really capable and worth buying for its price tag.