AT&T will turn on its 5G network in the US on December 21


AT&T is now prepping up for the launch of its 5G network in 12 cities in the US on December 21. Moreover, the first device that will make use of this network will be the Netgear-made Nighthawk 5G hotspot. In any case, you can’t have one yet.

Interestingly, the current stage is the testing one where the carrier is talking to businesses. Well, AT&T will provide both the hotspot and the data for free to these businesses. After the trial period ends, the company will launch the hotspot for $500. The first data plan will offer 15GB for $70 a month.

Additionally, the AT&T network for 5G connections will work on sub-6GHz and mmWave. Well, that’s a good thing as the mmWave network can deliver high bandwidth in crowded urban areas. On the downside, it has limited coverage. On the flip side, the sub-6GHz network offers better coverage, and slower speed, but still faster than LTE, though. This network will launch next year.

AT&T will turn on its 5G network in the US on December 21

We expect the Samsung S10 top tier model to be the first smartphone in 2019 to feature 5G capabilities. Other smartphones will follow, and we cn see smartphones running on both the 5G technologies by the second half of 2019.

Also, AT&T has apparently started marketing the improvements to its 4G LTE network as “5G Evolution”. Well that means the actual network from AT&T will get its naming scheme after “5G+”.