AT&T will soon release 5G E network on your 4G phone – It’s not 5G in reality


5G network will be the future of connectivity, and it will soon lead to the networks on our smartphones. AT&T is the first networking company that has come up with 5G networks in the US. The 5G from AT&T is now coming sooner than we were expecting. But, the network we are talking about is now actually a 5G network. If you are confused by our statement, then that’s where AT&T’s marketing department wants you.

First thing first – the 5G networks are in reality, but it will be available in a few states of the US. Also, there are almost no 5G capable smartphones that are available right now in the market. Companies are still struggling to implement the mmwave 5G antennas in the smartphone. Samsung will release its first 5G smartphone in Q1 of 2019, but it will take some time for the device to use 5G networks.

AT&T will soon release 5G E network on your 4G phone - It's not 5G in reality

The first wave of 5G will not be a true 5G network technology. AT&T wants to trick the customers by implementing 5G E and it’s not 5G. Seriously, it’s actually 4G with 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM. That’s the best iteration of 4G ever, but it’s still 4G.

The technology we are talking about still prevails. But, according to the company executives of AT&T, they will rename it to 5G E from 2019 onwards. It will be interesting to see 5G E signals instead of 4G signals on the future Android smartphones. It’s a cool trick, but its a way to attract customers with false tricks.

That’s not all, as AT&T’s 5G service will be known as 5G+. Well, this is an easy way of differentiating from the rest of the carriers. 5G+ will be the real 5G, and it will make use of a combination of mmwave 5G technology along with 6Ghz frequency bands.