Asus teases two new Zenfones for Indian Launch on October 18


Asus will soon launch the Zenfone Max Pro second generation in India. We Know that there will be a regular variant and a Lite version of the smartphone available after the launch. Now, Asus has made this official that there will be indeed two versions available, with one of them being a global first.

Well, the teaser says noting about the specifications and the pricing of the smartphone. But, it confirms the Flipkart exclusive partnership following their switch from offline to online retail marketing.

Surprisingly, the Zenfone 5z and Zenfone Max Pro were the best selling ASUS smartphones. And, they did receive a positive feedback from the consumers.

Lastly, you can watch the live stream of the event on YouTube. So, be sure to visit our website on launch date and follow our live twitter feed to follow the event with team Heapooh.