Reports suggest that Apple will be completely ditching Qualcomm for the internal modems in the past. Apple relies on Qualcomm modems since 2011, and in this race, the relationship between Intel also doesn’t seem to be quite well.

Apple may be working on a 5G modem of its own for 2020 iPhones

Reports say that Apple is looking into in-house production for the modems. Well, this means that Apple will be ditching Intel at the end of 2020. Apple is now hiring a team of engineers in San Diego to work on its own Neural Engine AI chip and wireless chips. All these things are a clear indication that Apple will soon manufacture its own modems. We can also see the 2020 iPhones with Apple made 5G chips inside.

Well, all these things are our speculations, and Apple may take more than two years to come up with there own modems.