Apple is screwing up a few things with additional WhatsApp services on the App Store. I mean that the company is now looking up to delete all the WhatsApp stickers from the App stores. The application adds to your WhatsApp experience. According to WABetaInfo, these apps have found to be violating the company’s guidelines for developers.

The main reason why Apple could take the decision is that “there are too many apps with similar behavior and the design of these apps is the same,” WABetaInfo tweeted on Sunday.

Apple is Deleting all the WhatsApp Sticker Apps from App Store

The official support for third-party developers to build sticker apps for WhatsApp both Android and iOS users came into action in October. WhatsApp made the Support official in a blog post. Besides that, the developers were asked to publish their sticker app like any other application on Apple App store or Google Play Store. Well, users can download these applications, and then send stickers from within the WhatsApp.

Apple is Deleting all the WhatsApp Sticker Apps from App Store

Well, ever since the announcement tons of WhatsApp Stickers Applications started appearing on the Apple App store. To prevent the App store from flooding with such applications, Apple is now banning them all.

According to WABetalInfo, the stickers app are dependent on WhatsApp to work, and this is against Apple Policy. Well, Apple doesn’t allow applications that are not self-dependent.

However, all these things are coming up from WABetalInfo. No official statement about this comes from Apple or WhatsApp as yet. If you are using WhatsApp stickers application, you can continue using it until Apple bans them completely.

We expect Apple to keep these applications on hold until they get updates to the new guidelines that Apple will provide to them. WhatsApp is a big platform, and we don’t think that Apple will mess up with the platform anytime soon.