Apple Watch Series 4 will soon get ECG support with watchOS 5.1.2 update


The most exciting feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 is the new ECG functionality on the watch. The watch is available in the markets since launch, but we are yet to see an update with ECG feature enabled on the watch. Our sources claim, the feature will arrive soon with watchOS 5.1.2 update.

Apple is still testing the watchOS 5.1.2, and it is not available as a part of the public release. Once available, the update will enable the ECG features on your Apple Watch Series 4. It can help detect atrial fibrillation or just an irregular heart rhythm.

According to Apple, the feature will roll out by the end of this year. Well, we never know if the company changes its mind, and release the update this month. Note that you need to have at least iPhone 5s for the device to work. Also, your iPhone must run on iOS 12.1.1.

The update will bring ECG features to the US markets only. It will take some time for Apple to authenticate the features in the rest of the world. The feature requires licensing from the government, and it will take time to reach other parts of the world.