Apple Watch Series 4 shows off with its big display


Today, we got to see the official renders of the upcoming iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus. These new iPhone XS leaks come along with an official-looking render of the Apple Watch Series 4. At first sight, it looks familiar, but now when you study it nearly.

Gone is the chunky Apple watch with more width and more bezels around the screen. Here we are getting to see a design, that looks sleek and has 15% more screen to the body, real estate.

Now, more screen means, a brand new watch face, packing more features than before. The new watch face shows more information than any of the current faces. You can see those eight new features around the Clock hands, from the image to get an idea about the upgrades.

Apple watch series 3 vs Apple Watch Series 4

Besides that, there is an added hole, In between the side button and the Digital Crown. That is likely for implementing an additional microphone, maybe for the LTE version of the Apple Watch. The Watch 4 series looks identical to the Watch 3 series with slight modifications in the Digital Crown and the side button. Another information we’ve got is that the new Watch series will support the same sidebands from the last generation.

Apple will be announcing the new Apple Watch alongside the iPhones on September 12, Apple’s Big Event. So, are you excited? Share your Apple Love in the comments section below.