Apple Watch Series 4 now official with larger display, ceramic and sapphire back, ECG


Apple watch is the no1 smartwatch in the period. The Apple watch has become a part of millions of people around the world. It delivers the three main prospectives of a real world and that is connectivity, activity and staying healthy. The new Apple watch series 4 has a lot more features to offer.

Apple watch series 4

New Design

Now, the Apple watch 4 has been built on a new premium industrial design. Gone are the old chunky smartwatches with a lesser screen to body ratio. The screen on the new Apple watch 4 is a Significant above 30% size bump. Every part of the UI has been rethink to take advantage of more screen on this bezel-less display. There are now in total 8 new complications in that fits into the new watch faces. You can choose one from the store, according to your own taste.

Apple Watch Series 4

The modular face now boards more information, for calories intake, podcasts and more. The Raise to wake option on the new iWatch has three new faces to choose from. These range from flames to vapor, and lastly a water dynamic face to fit with the design of the new displays.

Apple watch series 4 flame mdular face

Next, the digital crown has a lot of new functionalities hidden inside. All these things aren’t a Gimmick as Apple has really put a new hardware tech inside. It has a new haptic feedback to give a more priced feedback while using the crown. Now, you can interact better with podcasts, Netflix and more. Ask series something, and Siri will now get back to you with the new inbuilt speakers. A nice little bonus is the 50% louder speaker, to make all this experience a worth it.

Apple Watch Series 4 Ceramic and sapphire

We have some good news for the potential Watch Series, 4 buyers, as now all versions of Apple watch comes with a ceramic and sapphire backs. The new materials help in better call connectivity. To remind the speakers to enhance the usage too.

Updated Internals

The new S4 processor is a 64-bit new Dual-core CPU that Apple says is two times faster than the one we got to see with the Watch series 3. The new S4 processor has been paired with a new Accelerometer Gyroscope that is generation second of its own type. Now, Siri can analyze the flaws through this new Accelerometer Gyroscope. Siri will send you an indication regarding the flaws on your Apple Watch, that you may or may not need but it is nice to have it there. The new much more advanced gyroscope sensor takes care of all the motion tracking inside the watch and has allowed Apple to develop this new algorithm detecting a fall.

Apple Watch Series 4 S4 Chip inside

Health Features

The heart rate sensor is now more intelligent with three new heart rate features. One such feature will measure your low heart rate, the second one is to stream the rhythm of atrial fibrillation of heart rate, the last one is an Electrocardiogram. That said, this is the first ECG product in your wrist. It works by putting your finger for 30 seconds on the crown, which in turn is connected to the electrodes positioned on the back. A complete ECG scan takes just 30 seconds with the new Apple watch 4 series. Thereafter, you can save your ECG in form of a PDF, that can be later shared with your doctors and physicians.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

OS and Battery Life

The watch runs on the new Watch Os 5 and Apple promises a whole day battery life. Again, Apple says nothing about the capacity of the battery on this one. Apple states 18 hours of battery life of mixed usage on the new Series 4 watch. Additionally, the Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity support will help preserve battery charge even further.

Apple Watch Series 4 OS and Battery Life

Apple watches series 4 comes with the Silver, Gold, and space gray color. You can use your old bands from the Apple series 3 with this new Apple watch. The smartwatches are available with both stainless and as well as aluminum frames.

Pricing and Availability

The Watch series 4 starts at $399 without LTE and the Watch series 4 with LTE will start at $499. For availability, you will be able to buy one, starting September 21. If the price is a bit too steep for you, Apple is also keeping the Watch series 3 around at a reduced the price of to $279 starting today.

The new Watch Series 4 will launch in 26 countries, but the cellular version will be supported in only 16 countries.