Apple Watch Series 4 bootloops will get fixed Today


The Daylight Saving Time is the most tricky part for a company. Well, Apple is no exception, as the Apple Watch Series 4 has got a new time bug. Now, this is not a minor issue, as in this case, your Apple watch can spend a whole day stuck in a bootloop.


Apple Watch Series 4 bootloops due to Daylight Savings Time

Further, the main reason behind the boot loop is the Activity complication which fails when the time changes by an hour. You can attempt to remove it from the app on your phone if successful this will resolve the issue. Otherwise, the upcoming software update today will fix this bug.

Now, this is not the first time we’re going through the same bug. Earlier on iOS 7, the calendar app displayed the Wrong time. Also, there was an Alarm failure bug on iOS 4.0. Some other time bugs include the iOS 9 setting bug and the December 2 crash day bug for iOS 11.2 devices.