Apple iPhone XR arrives in the Apple stores today. Well, the handset is available in almost all stores. But, you’re still not guaranteed a pickup. Also, reports say that the Online stores list the XR as unavailable for local pickup. On investigating the things even further, it seems like these online stores still have the handset available in its stock.

Apple stores now stocking iPhone XR

Note that if you pre-order your iPhone XR today from the Apple’s website, you’ll get your handset in 3 to 5 business days. Sadly, Apple is still not offering the Official casings for both of these handsets via online as well as Offline stores. With that said, Apple is working on the official clear casing for these handsets, but it is still not available.

We expect the iPhone XR to be the best-selling iPhone ever. Well, it may outdo the sales of the iPhone 6 collective sales all over the world.