Apple’s short movie ‘The Bucket’ shot on iPhone XS – Is Just Incredible!


Apple iPhone XS Max has a remarkable camera setup on its rear.
Apple’s short film ‘The Bucket’ justifies every bit of the performance on the device. The story is about a man, his mom, and the love of home shot solely on the iPhone XS in Sceneric parts of China.

The short film was directed by Jia Zhangke on February 5 and is around 5:30 long. Also, it represents the Chinese new year that is also known to be the Spring Festival.

Apple's short movie 'The Bucket' shot on iPhone XS - Is Just Incredible!

Also, the company releases two more videos of Jia Zhangke praising the iPhone’s depth control and slow-mo capabilities. What do you think about the video taken on iPhone XS? Aren’t they amazing? Do let us know in the comments section below.