Apple’s financial results for the Q3 are out now, and the company has seen an over 20% increase on a yearly basis. According to the reports, Apple has made a revenue of $62.9 billion despite flat sales.

Further, Apple sold 46.8 million iPhones and 10 million iPads in Q4 2018. The numbers are exactly the same as we’ve got to see from Apple the last year. The hike in revenue comes from the ever-increasing price of the Apple iPhone.

Apple services like Digital Content, AppleCare and Apple Pay also adds 10billion to the present revenue. Also, these services have seen a hike in the overall usage in the past three months. The 5% quarter-to-quarter sales of these service seems impressive. These services have seen a massive 17% increase from Q4 2017.

Note that Apple’s income between July and September is $14.125 billion, over 30% increase, compared to the same quarter last year.

To sum up, Apple has gained 265.6 billion in revenue, 15% more than the year before. Well, that accounts for an immense $59.5 billion profit since last year.