Apple is moving the production of iPhone XR to Foxconn


Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are selling like hot cakes throughout the world. While the iPhone XS Max seeks major demand in the market, the iPhone XR may see even more demand in coming days. According to the analysts, the iPhone XR will be the major selling device from Apple in 2018. Now, some new reports say that Apple is currently switching over to Foxconn as the main supplier for the upcoming iPhone XR.

Now, in case you don’t know, Apple handed over their initial 50 to 60% of the whole production to Pegatron and about 30% to Foxconn. The main reason to switch back their primary production to Foxconn is the delayed shipments of the key components and capacity constraints.

Apple is moving the production of iPhone XR to Foxconn for timely shipments

Besides, Pegatron is now dealing with less than 30% of the iPhone XRs production. The reason has come down to the shortage of workers in its plants in China, leading to low yields of iPhone XR’s. In addition, the supply of the IPS displays used for the iPhone XR from Japan Display (JDI) isn’t steady.

In case you don’t remember, Apple iPhone XR will start selling from October 26, and hopefully, there will be no shortages.