Apple is now working on its own modems to deploy into the future iPhones


Apple is now reportedly working on its own modems to deploy in the future iPhones. Earlier, Apple used to particularly deploy Qualcomm-made modems for its iPhones. Later on, the company divided its orders between Intel and Qualcomm. It seems that the reason may come to the litigation wars between the two companies.

Apple is now working on its own modem to deploy in the future iPhones

Apple currently makes GPUs and CPUs of its own. Well, it gives a better control over the hardware and software over the smartphones. Creating their own modems will give Apple a better control at connectivity on its future iPhones. Recently, Apple posted jobs in San Diego for the purpose, and it confirms that Apple is indeed working on a project to build its own cellular modems for its future smartphones.

Note that it can take almost two to three years for Apple to deploy a modem of its own. We can expect to see the iPhones in 2021 to deploy Apple made modems. Until then, the company may shift to MediaTek or continue outsourcing the modems from Qualcomm and Intel.