Apple iPhone XR is the cheapest iPhone Apple is delivering in 2018. Now, the iPhone XR is up for pre-orders. But, the high demands for this iPhones is already depleting the stocks of this iPhone. Well, this is further pushing the shipment dates up to two weeks. Also, the iPhone XR sales were already predicted by the analyst. And, the $749 price tag is enough to justify these new iPhones.

Apple iPhone XR shipping dates are getting delayed for two more weeks

Further, in the US, T-Mobile has already sold out the 128GB and 256GB yellow version of the phone. Also, the 128GB coral blue & red color of this iPhone is also sold out.

The situations are similar in almost every market. With that said, the yellow, coral and red 64GB variants of the iPhone are rarely available in the UK. Also, in Germany you need t wait for up to 2 weeks for the yellow version in 64GB. The coral and red version show 2-3 weeks waiting period in Germany. The similar kind of situations prevails in all other regions.  Also, the sale figures show that the REd, Coral and Yellow color are the most demanding iPhones this year.