Some of the iPhone X units are facing Touch issues, and also the MacBook Pro 13 is facing the data loss problems. Apple has acknowledged the problem, and now users can get a replacement for both the programs.

Apple is now replacing iPhone X's with touch issues and MacBook Pro 13's with data loss

If you are also experiencing “ghost touches” on your iPhone X, then you are eligible for a free replacement. Also, the units with touchscreen freeze problems are eligible for a free replacement. The replacement process is easy, and you need to visit your local service center where the Apple representative will acknowledge the problem and resolve them.

For the Apple MacBook Pro units produced between June 2017 and June 2018, you can now get your units swapped for a new one. The issues on these laptops have arrived in the form of data loss due to faulty SSDs.

Feel free to check your warranty coverage from the links given below.