Apple iPhone 6.1 -inches will have a larger camera module

    Apple is one month away from the official launch of trio 2018 iPhone lineup. Now, we have come so far, and a lot of images are spoiling each day on the internet. These leaks are becoming more prominent than we saw with the 2017 lineup. Today, we’ve got some images of the 6.1- inches iPhone.

    These images show all models from the new lineup. But, the striking part is the “budget” 6.1-inch iPhone with a larger camera module. The flash rests no longer next to the camera.



    The shot has the 6.1 inches model resting in different positions. These copies show the iPhone in Black and White. Examining the back and the side area, we’ve spotted a broader camera than the prevailing iPhone 8.

    A Couple more images expose the 6.5-inch and the 6.1-inch iPhone model side by side. These images confirm the dual camera’s on the flagship iPhone again. So, it proves that the triple camera rumors are not for this generation of iPhones. On carefully determining the image it further confirms 3D-facial scan feature on both the iPhones,


    So, what do you think about this new big camera of the 2018 iPhone? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.