iPhone 11 will come with Wireless PowerShare capability


Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are the classic examples of the burgeoning pieces of technology with leaps and bounds. Both of these phones come with Wireless PowerSahre support, and the next phones to have it is the upcoming iPhones. Well, some of the supply chain sources reveal that the upcoming iPhone 11 will share the same power share technology. The reverse charging standards for the phones are not new, being in existence since introduced by IDT in 2015.

Looking into the broad-spectrum, the company will benefit from this new system in umpteen ways. The Apple Watch, the AirPods (second-generation, and many upcoming Apple devices could share the phones power to charge themselves. All-in-all, Apple can really push its boundaries on iPhone 11, specifications and features.

Presently, the company has a lot of issues in convincing its customers. The reason is the old 5V/1A charger inside the box. While the company makes the 18W PowerDeliver adapters, it sells them separately. Whatsmore, one need to spend extra money to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable. The total package me cost around $50, and looking at the prices of iPhones, the extra cost is not justified.