The new Apple iPad Pro 2018 is here, and it justifies the iPad line up with a performance that will remain unmatched another 2-3 years. Apple says that the new iPad Pro is more powerful than 92% of laptops out there. While the 11” model and 12.9” model sets you back at $800 and $1,000 for 64Gigs base model respectively, Verizon will start selling the device next Wednesday with monthly payments and 0% interest.

Apple iPad Pro arrives on Verizon, with sales starting next Wednesday

For the schemes and promos, the 11” Wi-Fi + Cellular 64 GB model starts from $39.58/mo for 24 months. To sum up the things, the iPad will cost you $950 after the complete payment lifecycle ends. The same configuration for the 12.9” iPad Pro will set you back $47.91 with a 24-month payment plan.

Note that these numbers don’t differ from the official prices at Apple’s website. Also, Verizon will offer $50 off any iPad that you buy on the Verizon device payment plan. The 2-year plan will cut down another $150 off the iPad Pro original price.


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