The Apple iPad Pro has seen a massive increase in the GPU tests in the recent benchmarks. The A12X bionic chip is a true power. The new AnTuTu scores that have appeared today crushes all its competitor. The new iPad Pro 11-inches have got a massive score of 557,679, or over 50% increase from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that we tested a month ago.

The AnTuTu score is a combination of the CPU, GPU, UX, and Memory. The CPU scores on the new iPad Pro maxes out from 131,000 to over 159,000, which is a minor improvement. A similar growth is seen in the UX and Memory management, but the main difference comes in the performance of the GPU.

The A12 Bionic chip max out over 153,000 on the iPhone XS Max. Well, in comparison the A12X scores twice at 315,108. The new graphics unit is an in-house Apple solution that allows better multi-layer rendering and lossless memory compression.

The scores seem promising, and Apple says that the A12X is a very power efficient piece of hardware. The new NPU with over 10 billion transistors is also a major step up.