Apple iOS 12.0.1 released fix XS charging issue


the all-new iPhone XS series is going through some charging issues around the world. And, to fix this Apple is now rolling out iOS 12.0.1, which fixes the charging issue. In case you don’t remember, earlier users of iPhone XS/XS MAX were arguing that their iPhones don’t start the charging until the display was turned on.

Now, the update fixes some other minor issues, including the Wi-Fi bug. So, now your new iPhone won’t connect to 2.4GHz instead of the 5GHz band when rejoining.

Apple iOS 12.0.1 released fix XS charging issue

For iPads, the position of some of the Keys is now put right back to the original position. Earlier, with iOS 12 the position of these Keys (.?123 key) along with the emoji/language key was changed that was annoying for a lot of users.

Lastly, your subtitles will now appear correctly on the video apps. And, there will be no Bluetooth unavailability issue. The update weighs around 100MB depending upon your iOS device. And, is now available for download.