Apple iPhone 2018 sales are not the best that the Cupertino company has ever made. Poor sales of the most capable iPhones from Apple is currently leading the company to adjust its production orders. Note that the current situation is not just for the iPhone XR, but it includes the iPhone XS and XS Max as well. Now, the board down is cutting down on the production of new iPhones. Well, the decision comes after Apple shocked investors with surprisingly low demand numbers.

Apple is revising down on iPhone production, as sales come below targets

Interestingly, after dropping down the production if iPhone XR by a third, the company is now revising its order for the premium iPhone XS and XS Max. We guess that the poor sales for these iPhones are due to its high price tag in most of the market. Well, the price goes above $1300 for the base model iPhone XS in countries like India. The effect of this is that now Apple is struggling to forecast the demand on the future iPhones. Well, because of this Apple now fails to predict the number of components they need for production.

A major factor for the downfall is that companies like Huawei, Samsung, and OnePlus are really understanding the market needs at lower prices. Pixel 3 is also a star of the show, and it has become a major choice for those who want a camera smartphone instead. For the iPhones, all we can do is to wait for the holiday season, as Apple may drive some massive sales with offers in the holidays.