Google’s Android Wear 2.1 is now rolling out for the Smartwatches


Last month Google announced their latest version of the Wear OS. Now, this is a significant redesign of the Wear OS, and Google calls it Wear OS 2.1. Now, this new update has finally starting to roll out to the smartwatches near you.

The Android Wear 2.1, is currently getting pushed to all the compatible wearables. The list is huge, and almost any device that supports Android Wear 2.0, will be compatible with the Android Wear 2.1. It’s easier to list all those wearables that won’t get an update. Some of these wearables include the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 (1st gen), Sony Smartwatch 3, and the original Asus Zenwatch.

Google Android Wear 2.1 smartwaches

The Wear OS 2.1 is built to change the way you navigate the OS on your smartwatch. Further swiping from the top now gives you access to quick a swipe from the bottom taking you to your notifications. Also, swiping from the right bring up the Google Assistant. Besides, all the proactive information will show up in the veins of the Google Now / Google Feed / Google Discover cards.

Well, the new update is rolling out, We don’t expect the update to reach in the wild anytime soon. Do you think that smartwatches are a gimmick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.