The first Android Q beta build leaks on Pixel 3XL reveals some features


Android Pie is yet to reach most of the Android flagships out there in the market. Before that, the Google developers are continually working on the Android Q. Well, that’s not a joke! The developers at XDA have come across an early build of Android Q. The version of Google’s upcoming OS updates the Pixel 3 XL to Android Q and brings a ton of features along.

The first Android Q beta build leaks on Pixel 3XL reveals some features

The build is not old by anymeans and comes along with February 2019 security patch. Also, it is up-to-date with Google’s AOSP internal master. The build is in beta stages and misses a lot of features at this point. Nevertheless, the build is enough to explore the options on the upcoming Android Q.

The new system-wide Dark Theme is something similar to the Night mode on Samsung’s One UI. One can turn it on permanently, or one can trigger the mode at a specific time in a day. Interestingly, there exists an option to force the dark mode to the third-party applications as well. Considering

There’s plenty of development that needs to be done until Autumn this year but it’s a nice first glimpse of what’s to come in Android Q.this to be an early build, it works like a charm with applications like Facebook and more.

Further, one can see changes in the permissions menu. The entire menu is revamped and gives you more control over app’ access in real time. One can see each apps’ permission individually. Also, there’s an option to cut off the microphone or GPS only when needed. The notification tray now gives a sneak at the application that is making use of GPS. Further, it takes to the permissions by tapping on the icon in the notification tray itself.

There is a new feature that sits in the developer option of the smartphone. Google is making the android phones genius by implementing force desktop mode in the settings. The description reads that it is a force experimental desktop mode on the secondary display. Believe me! It’s unquestionably similar to the Samsung DeX. Right now, the function is not accessible in the beta builds.

Additionally, Android Q lets you launch freeform multi-window mode by long-tapping on an app icon when you are in the recent apps menu. Also, there are options like triggering the emergency dialer with the power button, and screen capture option in power menu, as well.

Now, the Always-on display on the handset receives a new feature as well. Well, it can now show your current wallpaper. Rest, the build includes an off switch for all sensors, additional screen lock options when a trusted device is near, added or removed, improved built-in files app and new behavior of the pop-up notifications.

The Android Q is yet away from its official announcement, but once official it will bring significant changes in the Android ecosystem.