Android distribution charts still have no Android Pie


Android OS updates are never on time, and there’s little to debate here.
There’s a huge segmentation in the Android OS versions, and looking at the charts, we were surprised to see that most of the Android Phones still run on Nougat.

The new charts rank Oreo at under 1/5th of the market, and this shares 19.2% between v8.0 and 8.1. Now, this accounts for 4.6 percent gains from the last time we checked. Further, a large no of Android smartphones still powers on Android Nougat. Now, here we’ve seen a slight drop from the last time and this accounts for 29.3% vs. 30.8%. This drop accounts with Oreo gains that have come from Android updates.

Android distribution chart Android Pie

Lastly, the Android 9.0 is yet to make its way to the charts. For now, we’ve Android Pie on few Pixel and Android One devices.