Amazon announces new Echo Companion Devices


After launching four new Echo devices, Amazon is now showcasing five new Echo Companion Devices. These include the Echo Sub, Echo Input, Echo Link, Echo Link Amp, and Echo Wall Clock. So, let’s just break down the things for you.

Amazon Echo Sub

Echo Sub as the name says it is a subwoofer and it will work with your existing Echo devices. These are the down-firing 6-inches subwoofer with 100W of power. The speaker looks good and it pairs wirelessly with any existing Echo or Echo Plus. The speakers are easy to use and you can easily pair with a single Echo/Echo Plus with the Echo Sub or Two of them for a 2.1 speaker setup. Each Echo/Echo Plus will act as a single Stereo Speaker in this case. You can buy one from here at a price of $129.99.

Echo Sub launched in India

Amazon Echo Input


The Echo Input is a very interesting device. It lets you add Alexa to your existing speaker system. It is Just like an Echo Dot without the speaker. The Echo Input easily connects to your existing external speakers by using an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. This is system is intelligent and has an active microphone to take your commands and output the results on external speakers. At $34.99, Echo input is the cheapest way to add Alexa to an existing audio setup. Right now Echo input is not available in a few countries like India, but once it is available we will update.

Echo input availability on Amazon

Amazon Echo Link

The Echo Link is for those who want more serious listening. You can use the Echo Link to connect to your home audio system. You can even listen to Live stream music on the streaming services online. The Echo Link features RCA in/out, optical in/out, coaxial in/out, subwoofer out, Ethernet and headphone jack. For $199.99 this device seems to be a good value for money.

Echo Link Amazon India

Amazon Echo Link Amp

The Echo Link Amp is an Amplifier that amps another 60W, 2-channel amplifier for directly connecting to bookshelf speakers. The Echo Link and Echo Link Amps have no mics to listen to Alexa commands. Both of these devices are Amazon Echo dependent devices. At $299 it is a little pricey but it serves your purpose very well.

Echo Link Amp Amazon India

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

Echo Wall Clock is a new concept to use a Smart Clock at your homes. It’s not just any clock that shows a regular time, this clock will show you the remaining time when you set a timer on one of your other Echo devices. It can display multiple timers, alarms and reminders using the 60 LED circling the face. For $29.99, it seems to be a nice conceptual clock to hang in your lobby.

Echo Wall CLock AmazonSo, you can pre-order the Echo Sub now, and it will be available From October 22. The dates for the rest of the devices are not yet confirmed,