According to IDC the smart Wearables market grows 21%


Global shipments of wearable devices are now receiving a hike over 21.7% more than the same period last year. The reports from IDC claims that the Global shipments of wearable devices were 32 million in Q3 2018. Reports say that a big part of this market comes from Fitbit, Garmin, Huawei. An increase in demand for smart bands plays a significant role.

According to IDC the smart Wearables market grows 21%

We are not surprised to see Xiaomi grabbing the top position. The Mi Band 3 is a big success from the company. Note that Xiaomi usually sells over 80% of its products on the domestic market. According to the new reports, 61% of sale 61% of this year as part of China. Rest, the sales regions include India, Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Interestingly, Apple Series 4 seems to be a significant success in pushing the Apple wearables sales from 2.7 million to 4.2 million. Of course, the major sales came from the old generation wearables with latest Watch OS and dropped price tags.

According to IDC the smart Wearables market grows 21%

Fitbit is another brand like Apple with its proprietary OS that tries to target the healthcare market. Jitesh Ubrani, the senior research analyst for IDC, said that we should expect heavy regulation and greater scrutiny, meaning off-value brands will unlikely mix up the waters, letting market leaders cementing their lead.

Rest, Samsung managed to sell twice the number of devices it did in Q3 2017. The company was able to pull major sales from Galaxy Watch, and the Gear products that are more than 12 months old.

According to IDC, there will be a stronger holiday quarter, and market in the United States will emerge with for low-cost options in emerging markets.