The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is coming on October 25. And, now Xiaomi is teasing this handset with a cryptic message. Now, the new teaser has two notebooks with 5G and 10G written on their covers. Well, this teaser hits us more than a slide-out camera mechanism and the full-screen display.

Xiaomi Teases 5G network and 10 GB RAM on Mi Mix 3

Now, it is easy to guess that the 5G stands for the next generation 5G cellular networks. And, we know that this will end up in the new Qualcomm modems. Now, we assume that the mysterious 10G means a whopping 10GB of RAM on this smartphone. Well, we appreciate 10Gigs of RAM in the upcoming smartphone, but 5G modems still have a long way to develop. The lack of 5G network infrastructure makes this technology unusable on smartphones.

So, this is our second indication towards the 5G support on the Mix 3. And, we assume that the Chinese manufacturer may choose from the X24 and X50 modems for the Mix 3.