5 best Android apps of 2019!


Android is burgeoning with leaps and bounds to be a more and more furnished product with the skyrocketing days. The range of applications is building more than ever. Here are our top 5 picks of Android App’s those are the top of the pantheon. Something astonishing concerning these classic pieces of applications is their productivity which is making them ubiquitous among the Android users. Everyone irrespective of their age and group can use them and share their outcomes with others. So without wasting any time below are the list of our favorite picks.

LastPass is the first application in our list, and its a must have Android app that would save you from forgetting your passwords. One can save its information regarding their credentials in a safe and secure pattern. Your security is important, and LastPass is the new way to generate passwords that are almost impossible to crack. Of course, you can use the same password concerning all your accounts, since everything controlled by one master password. Even more, you will adore the function to use the application on cross-platforms. That means it has assistance on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or whatever platform is available on the net. While there are many such platforms that are rocking the Play store, but the LastPass always feel a tad extra secure, and ahead of its competition. The LastPass has a premium version as well, and it is cheap for the added security it has to offer. The other viable options to download are the 1Password, Dashlane, KeepassDroid, and others, plus they are equally good. However, LastPass has a more user-friendly interface, and it offers some extra security features with its extra authenticator app.

Nova launcher

Now, this one is our favorite application on the list. Though it is a customization tool, it makes the usage on android flawless. With umpteen features, it will make your adventure on Android near to the vanilla version on the Google Pixel phones. The developers have a solid reputation for updating this application invariably, and that’s why it has become impossible for us to use the launchers that come out of the box on Android phones. Even more, we are right now using Nova Launcher as the primary one on our Samsung Galaxy S10+ unit, instead of the One UI launcher. The host of features on the Nova launcher lets you take backup of your home screen. It’s a handy tool when you want to shift to a new android phone, and you don’t want to customize your phone from ground zero. You can choose between different icon themes, and download new ones from the Play store. The premium version of the application lets you take control of the gestures, and that will make your phone even more functional. You can put badges on your notification counts on all the apps, and use icon swipe actions. The Nova launcher feels more premium and practical than the other viable options like the Lawnchair Launcher, Hyperion Launcher, and Rootless Launcher.

Apple has the best ecosystem out there because it lets you synchronize information between the iPhones and other smart devices. The Android platform is no more a slouch because there is an application that lets you do the same. Pulse SMS app is a fine-tuned SMS application that lets you synchronize your messages on your laptop by using a server structure. It has got some fancy features like theming, GIF support, password protected conversations, dual-SIM support, a blacklist option, and more. Pulse charges either a monthly subscription or a single $10.99 charge. There are other applications like Android Messages that lets you Live Stream your messages, but Pulse SMS is the one that we recommend for its services.


There are a lot many free and paid VPN services out there. Here is one service that you can trust the most – Express VPN. In our experience, the Express VPN has been the best virtual private network in the industry for a host of reasons. Most prominently, the service is extremely fast and safe as well. It boasts an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption with servers in 94 countries in over 145 locations around the world. Above all the Express VPN service provides stealth servers in Hong Kong.

Google Cloud storage is the most efficient way of storing files, images, sound, and more. There is a suite of Android apps that are attached to these platforms that allows you to store about 15GB of free data on the first signup. One can attach Google Drive with Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Gmail, Google calaneder, and Google Keep. All these collaborations allow productivity with deep sharing features and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents. Microsoft Office has got the OneDrive and Office platforms, but the one from Google are easy to use on the phones.