Youtube is one of the leading innovations of Google. Interestingly, we see a lot of announcement’s from the company every day. The latest one we’ve seen with the Youtube Signature Devices term from Samsung in their launch event. Now, a lot of things are clear from Youtube themselves.

YouTube has now launched a Device Report website that lists the best smartphone devices for enjoying YouTube content. This list includes almost every flagship from the major manufacturer’s.

Youtube Signature

Now, we’re sure for one thing that YouTube positively work’s with the Top OEMs, to provide a seamless experience to consumers. The list is not so huge and includes 18 smartphones. We have Samsung, Sony, HTC, OnePlus, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, and Nokia.

One major thing is that the list doesn’t include the Apple devices. We were not shocked with this as IOS handset doesn’t support Google’s VP9 video codec. All these YouTube Signature support HDR, 360° video, 4K decoding, high frame rate, next-generation video codecs such as the VP9 and digital rights management performance.

To know a little bit more about these thing’s free feel to visit this link over here.