Verizon is making big changes in its prepaid tier of plans. To make the Plans more competitive with T-Mobile, the company is now cutting the cost and adds more value-added features to the services on prepaid plans.

The beginners plan on Version now starts at $65, and that is down from the $75 plan. Also, this is an unlimited prepaid plan that includes the AutoPay service. The $45 pre-paid plan on Verizon now provides you with high 8GB of high-speed LTE instead of just 7GB. Remember that you can always add a Jetpack for Verizon’s branded portable LTE hotspots, or for the LTE tablets. All the unlimited plans on Verizon now includes the Mobile hotspot internet, and now you can hold up to 10 lines with a prepaid account instead of just 5.

Verizon makes some welcoming changes to its prepaid plans

While Verizon has lowered its prices, the value is not competitive to T-Mobiles network in the US. T-Mobile offers better value on prepaid services with unlimited data, 15GB of LTE hotspot, Google One, and Amazon Prime are also included. Note that the Metro’s rates include the tax and fees.

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