Samsung smartphone with four cameras arriving this year

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a minor upgrade over the Galaxy S9+, with few changes here and there. The Galaxy Note 9 adds an S-Pen, a beefier battery, and a slightly large display. Now, DXO has released a camera test of the Galaxy Note9, and the handset has scored a very respectable103 points in the DxOMark test.

DxOMark test has revealed, that Galaxy Note9 has better autofocus capabilities than the Galaxy S9+. Besides, the Galaxy Note 9 is better at tracking moving objects than the Galaxy S9+. According to the website the Galaxy Note 9, has a better dual OIS system. Here’s a quick comparison of the scores:

Samsung Galaxy Note9 camera gets benchmarked on DxOMark score with scores higher than the Galaxy S9+
image courtesy – Gsmarena

The pictures from the Galaxy Note 9 has pleasant and vivid color, with lots of detail and low levels of noise. The Dynamic range of the handset turns out to be wide under most conditions. The 4x zoom on the Galaxy Note 9 has good levels of detail, and the Bokeh mode is convincing.

The Video recording on the Galaxy note9 has good autofocus, and tracking is also quick to lock onto its subject. The handset has Effective stabilization when moving and during still motion scenes.

Here is the link to study in detail camera review of the Galaxy Note 9.